3 Excellent Resources for People with Scoliosis

Lately I’ve been digging around to discover new resources to help me better understand and manage my scoliosis. I love Egoscue, but I’ve also been finding some other great sources of information and even healing elsewhere, as well, so I decided to share those other resources with you!

1) Katy Bowman at KatySays.com

I discovered Katy Bowman several months ago, when I did a podcast search for “natural movement” on iTunes. Since then, it seems like she’s popping up everywhere, from the Joe Rogan Show to Reuters, and I’ve been totally digging listening to her podcast, the Katy Says podcast, during my morning Egoscue routines.

Who’s Katy Bowman, though? She’s a self-described biomechanist and “body nerd.” She’s all about helping people understand how some modern ailments can be cured through proper alignment and moving like a human is supposed to move—you know, like walking, jumping, climbing, crawling, squatting, and more.

Her stuff can be pretty technical, but I’m learning a lot more about the muscles of my body than I had ever considered before, and she also introduced me to the idea of how important squatting is, which has had some surprisingly great effects on my scoliosis. More on that in an upcoming post!

Katy hasn’t done a show specifically on scoliosis yet, but the overall information of how our bodies move (or don’t) in modern times is pretty helpful to scoliotics.

2) Naudi Aguilar at FunctionalPatterns.com

If postural alignment and Crossfit had a baby, it would be Functional Patterns. Just check out this sweet video of Naudi working out, and see how amazing human bodies can be:

Functional Patterns isn’t all just flashy, kick-butt exercise videos, though. It also touches on scoliosis and its related ailments, like in this video here, but once again it’s nothing extensive on that particular issue, just a highly-informative resource.

But as a fellow scoliotic, I’m sure you’re very aware of how your misalignment in other parts of your body (not just your spine) can cause tremendous pain and discomfort, so don’t discount methods like Functional Patterns, even if they don’t specifically talk about scoliosis 100 percent of the time.

Truthfully, Functional Patterns is one I’m still exploring, but so far I’m really liking it. Be sure to follow the Functional Patterns Facebook page for some really interesting content!

3) Justin Goodhart of TheWellRoundedAthlete.com

Justin’s podcast, Move Smart, is yet another favorite podcast. He’s more about all kinds of dynamic movement, from parkour and martial arts to juggling and MovNat. I love listening to people who genuinely believe in the strength and adaptability of the human body, and Justin’s style is very accessible yet knowledgeable. His blog is pretty great, too, so don’t feel like you have to miss out if you’re not a fan of podcasts!

Alright, check these resources out and let me know what you think in the comments :). Until next time!


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