New logo, and…I tried acupuncture!

After a long dry spell from writing, I am back with a new logo that reflects my blog’s new focus!

Eventually, I hope to completely revamp the site itself—its design, its functionality, etc.—but for now, this was the most important part :).

But in other big news, I also tried acupuncture for the first time! Remember when I wrote a blog post about acupuncture for scoliosis?

I’ve wanted to try it for a long time, and even listed it as one of my health goals for 2016—”Treat myself to an acupuncture session”—so BAM! One of my goals for the New Year has already been accomplished!

But how was it?

Great! I went a community acupuncture place to get a much cheaper price ($30 for the initial session, and it will be $25 hereafter). The acupuncturist was very sweet, and listened to all of my concerns so she would know where to stick me :).

The setting was very soothing. Every community acupuncture place will be different, but this one was a room filled with large, comfortable recliners, calming music, essential oils, and maybe a few woo-woo crystals and tie-dye posters on the ceiling, but hey—it was all very relaxing!

I took a little “acu-nap” (as they’re called) during the hour I was there, and I was so blissed out upon waking that I had to sit for awhile to fully regain awareness before I could even drive home.

And there is an insignificant amount of “pain” associated with having the needle inserted, so don’t stress about that if you’re contemplating having an acupuncture treatment.

Did you notice any difference in your symptoms, though?

Here’s the thing: I primarily went in because my jaw had been so unbelievably tight for weeks that I could not get it to relax. I don’t know why it was happening, but it wasn’t fun.

When I walked in, I had some lower back pain, but it was likely from the two-hour trip from where I live to Austin, but otherwise I had no noticeable symptoms from my scoliosis.

A tendon in my right wrist also felt inflamed, so I told the acupuncturist that I have scoliosis and PCOS, my jaw was way too tight, and my right wrist hurt, so she administered the needles according to those factors.

The results

When I left, I had no more pain in my lower back (although this could be attributed to the comfortable recliner and restorative nap), and my jaw felt more relaxed than it had been in weeks, and still has not returned to that same level of tension, several weeks after the session.

Of course, it was impossible to tell if my PCOS had been helped in any way, but it’s notable to mention that my right wrist felt the same after the session. This is important, because I was genuinely curious if what I felt with my jaw was perhaps just the placebo effect, but after considering it, I figured that if I was just experiencing a placebo effect, then wouldn’t my mind also try to extend that to my wrist?

Thus, I concluded that the acupuncture had, indeed, somehow helped my jaw, and possibly even my back pains, because even a restorative nap couldn’t have undone that jaw tension. (If it would have, then all the good sleep I had had in the previous weeks would have taken care of it already.)

My feelings on it

Overall, I’d like to keep going! I find no (what I would deem credible) scientific evidence that acupuncture will help my PCOS, or really anything else, yet there’s no denying that it was a very rejuvenating experience, and “acu-naps” are probably the best naps ever.

I don’t believe that my jaw tension was caused by a blockage of qi in my body, or anything was wonky with my “energy meridians,” but so long as I’m not looking to acupuncture to heal all of my ailments, I see nothing wrong in continuing to go for the relaxation and (albeit inexplicable) improvement in minor aches and pains.

That was my experience with acupuncture, though, and I know a lot of people have done it and have some strong feelings about it. What was your experience, and how do you feel about acupuncture in general? Please share your (polite, thoughtful) opinions in the Comments!

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