Announcing a New Series!

Scoliosis Awareness Month support ribbon
Scoliosis Awareness Month support ribbon

Did you know that we get our own awareness month? Holla!

To celebrate Scoliosis Awareness Month, I’m doing a series of posts featuring several “alternative” voices. These are people/practitioners who are using postural alignment modalities–the Schroth Method, the Gokhale Method, and Yoga for Scoliosis–to help themselves or their clients manage their scoliosis naturally and holistically.

I’m obviously partial to the Egoscue Method, but I would be remiss to not highlight these methods, as well.

A huge part of the reason I started this blog was because I wanted to spread the word that these modalities exist, so I’m using my blog as a platform to showcase that there are SEVERAL alternatives to explore (whether you choose to use an alternative as your sole treatment plan or in conjunction with bracing and surgery is up to you, though*).

Scoliosis management through postural alignment modalities is a wide-ranging field, and I wanted to highlight some of those other voices. The first installment of my series will feature yours truly, with an update about my progress with the Egoscue Method. It’s been a long time since I wrote “My Egoscue Experience: An Honest Review,” and quite a lot has changed since then, but it remains one of my most-popular posts. Clearly, y’all are due an update!

Check back here on June 5 for the first installment of the series, and every week thereafter. I hope y’all find these posts informative and interesting!

*Disclaimer: These posts will be solely for the purpose of information sharing only. They will not be intended to replace medical advice, and should not be used as such. Please use your own discretion and speak with your chosen healthcare professional before attempting to use any of the modalities that will be discussed in this series or elsewhere.

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