Can Yoga’s Side Plank Position Help Scoliosis?

I thought this was fascinating.

Granted, most of us seem to fall in the “S-shaped scoliosis” camp, but for our C-curved friends, here’s a bit of interesting info!

Seems that in a recent study published by “Global Advances in Health and Medicine,” researchers found that there are benefits to scoliotics with a C-shaped curvature who performed the side plank position on a daily basis, holding the position for as long as they can.

“Over a 6.8-month period, pre- and post-Cobb measurements indicated an overall significant reduction within primary scoliotic curves. Furthermore, for 19 of the 25 participants, the reduction of curvature averaged 40.9%.”

I’ve been meaning to do more research on what yoga can do for scoliosis (fun fact: Egoscue [my preferred form of scoliosis management for me] is deeply rooted in yoga!), so expect a post in the future!

On that note, if you’ve had any experience, good or bad, using yoga for your scoliosis, I want to hear from you in the comments. Maybe I’ll even interview you for an upcoming post!

Read Yoga International’s article on the report for full details on the side plank findings:

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