Continuing Scoliosis Education, with Vinny Crispino at Pain Academy

A young white woman in a grey exercise tank top looks out over a cityscape, her back to the viewer, with her palms pressed together behind her back. A quote is overlaid on the picture, which says, "If you're ever going to fix scoliosis, you have to be willing to look past the spine," by Vinny Crispino of Pain Academy.

Something I love about being a Postural Alignment Specialist is the “excuse” I have to find new information about scoliosis and pain issues in general, and binge on new research, and learning what the body is doing, and why.

So, when Vinny Crispino of Pain Academy announced he’d be offering a webinar on scoliosis, I jumped at the chance. A friend within my network of Postural Alignment Therapists found him via Instagram, recommended him, and I’ve been following and amazed by his results and his outside-the-box approach to postural alignment therapy.

This isn’t so much an in-depth post, so much as it is a reminder. As it says in the quote above:

“If you’re ever going to fix scoliosis, you have to be willing to look past the spine.”

– Vinny Crispino, Pain Academy

If you have scoliosis, (heck, even if you DON’T) take a full-length photo of yourself, front, back, and sides. Ignore your spine for a second: What do you see is happening with your shoulders? Your hips? Knees? Ankles? Anything look elevated? Rotated? “Off” somehow?

If your shoulders are misaligned, or one of your hips is rotated forward….is it possible that your spine is the victim of an epic tug-of-war, as your pelvis and shoulders refuse to align correctly with each other?

And if you force the spine to suddenly be straight, perhaps through surgery, then what happens to your poor spine when those shoulders and hips — which will most likely still be misaligned, even after surgery — keep fighting? Think your spine won’t cry out even more?

As scoliotics, we have to continue to look at the bigger picture, realizing that our spine could very likely be the symptom, not the cause, of our scoliosis!

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