This site and the information contained herein is not meant to treat, diagnose or advise any one in any way regarding their respective condition, medically-related or otherwise.

This site is intended to be an information resource for those who are seeking information that is not readily available via a common research method (Internet, books, articles, blogs, etc.).

Posting this information does not indicate the author’s particular preferences, and is not meant to be a recommendation of what each individual should do with regards to their own medical condition.

Seek the advice of your health care professional before attempting to follow or enact any of the suggestions or treatment methods shared here.

This site is only meant to be an information resource, not a medical advisory. Just as you would not fault a library for containing information you chose to misuse of your own volition, you should not fault this site for containing information that you choose to act upon, that may or may not be a personal benefit to you.

Proceed at your own caution, and may this site be a place where you can gather greater knowledge!

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