Exercises for Scoliosis


woman doing yoga

One of the members in my Alternative Scoliosis Treatment Support group on Facebook posted this video recently, and said that after following these stretches and exercises, it “completely took [her] pain away!”

I asked her about a week later if she had kept up with the exercises, and she said she had, and a lot of her pain went away and she felt like her curves had lessened. Of course,┬áthat’s just one person, but it leads me to another point.

I don’t necessarily endorse these movements, and I certainly don’t know if they’ll be a good idea for everyone to try (use your common sense, and listen to your healthcare specialist), but exercises like this, in my mind, are one more example of how scoliosis seems to really respond to movement, particularly when that movement calls for certain muscles to come into action–to step up and do their job of holding our spines correctly.

The Egoscue Method teaches that “Bones move where muscles tell them,” and from my personal experience, that’s absolutely true. If we want to move our spine (our bones), we need to activate and engage the correct muscles, that will hold our spine in a more natural, less-curved manner. It seems crazy that we could do so much for our scoliosis by focusing more on our muscles, but it’s true! Egoscue is still the best way I have found to do this, but I definitely still celebrate others’ experiences with lessened pain and decreased rotation and curvature when they come from other sources, like what my friend in my Facebook group found with these exercises from the osteopaths at Intrinsi!

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