I’m back! (And another small announcement)

Hey there!

It’s been a while! Thought I forgot about you? No way! Some exciting but exceptionally time-consuming things were happening in my life for a long season, but now it’s calmed down and I’m excited to get back to writing more for Getting Better by Degrees.

I’ve got a great post coming out tomorrow about new resources I’ve found for managing alignment issues (which is what scoliosis really is, right?), but I wanted to let you know about a small change that’s coming to Getting Better by Degrees.

I started this blog because I have scoliosis, and because I wanted to help others who have scoliosis right? So that means that sitting for long periods of time doesn’t feel great…like when I’m writing for several hours on a long blog post, and then when you’re having to sit and read that long blog post for an extended period of time, right? Right.

So effective immediately, I’m going to write shorter blog posts. I will work hard to make sure they’re still jam-packed with good info, and if needed, I will break posts up into series to ensure that I don’t sacrifice content for brevity, but they will be shorter.

My spine and your spine will thank me for it, I’m sure.

P.S. Check back tomorrow for the new post!

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