Psst…Ever heard of Primal Alignment LLC?

The logo for Primal Alignment LLC


I’ll forgive you. After all, I just launched in June of this year ;).

Yes, I opened my own practice! After finally earning my Postural Alignment Specialist certification from Egoscue University, I opened Primal Alignment LLC, with the mission to help as many people as I can overcome chronic pain and lead pain-free lives.

But, I’m particularly interested in working with scoliotics of all ages. Obviously, this condition and its sufferers are near and dear to me, and already I’ve had a few other Postural Alignment Specialists in the Egoscue Method reach out to me for insights in their cases with scoliotic patients, and I’m glad to help however I can.

Have scoliosis? Want to work with me directly? Visit my website and shoot me a message letting me know your story and interest. I’m able to work long-distance with clients via Skype (trust me, the Skype sessions work. Even before I was certified and seeing my own clients, I was doing Skype sessions with my Egoscue therapist, and I’ve found there’s actually some advantages to Skype sessions over the in-person sessions).

Questions? Ask me in the comments below, or use that same message function on my site to contact me directly.

I’m excited to get this practice rolling, and maybe work with some of you out there who have been following this blog! Cheers!

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