New! Facebook Support Group for Alternative Scoliosis Treatment/Management Methods!

Young woman doing a tree pose overlooking a fjord

After being inexplicably banned from a certain very large scoliosis support Facebook group (perhaps because I shared this post with the group? But why would that be controversial?), I decided, to heck with it, I’m ready for my own scoliosis support group. One filled with encouraging, positive individuals, who aren’t afraid to discuss and consider the pros and cons of alternative  scoliosis treatments/management methods, and approach this condition with some joy, hope, curiosity, and common sense.

Is this you? Are you currently pursuing an alternative method, or are you interested in talking with others who have chosen this route? Click the link below and send a request to join! It’s just getting started, so be one of the first to join :).

Alternative Scoliosis Treatment Support – [Requires Facebook account to join.]

See y’all there!

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