This Looks Like It Would Feel AMAZING

Check out this short video titled “Spinallove” made by MovNat practitioner Jiri Kaderabek. The fluidity and twisting make it look like it’d feel great!

I’m in no way affiliated with MovNat, but just as a quick aside, if you’re looking for an all-around workout that works WITH your body’s natural movements, I’d highly recommend that you check it out and see if it’d be good for you. See my previous post about MovNat here!

We’re all at different stages of our scoliosis journeys, so maybe not everyone will be able to do this movement comfortably, but if it looks like something you can safely do, it might be a nice stretching exercise :). [Use your common sense and discretion, though!]

I would like to pass these types of tidbits along as I find them, so please let me know if this is helpful to you, and periodically I’ll share some more.

Happy stretching!

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