Whining Isn’t an Alternative Method Option for Treating Scoliosis

Honest moment here: I haven’t done my Egoscue in probably almost a week.

I have plenty of valid excuses; I was traveling, we had company over, I stayed up very late and woke up very late, I’m feeling lethargic, and overall, well—I just don’t wanna.

Naturally, I’m starting to feel and see the consequences of not taking care of my scoliosis for so many days, but my main problem is that a bit of self-pitying has sprung up, as it often does when I’m feeling lazy, and questions like, “But why me? Why can’t I just be a regular person with a straight, non-wonky spine?” have begun to creep in and dominate my thoughts, which neutralizes my motivation.

Yet every time I get into this rut, I force myself to remember how bad I was before I began treating my scoliosis with Egoscue. I remember the pain, the struggle to breathe, to walk, and to even stand evenly on both feet at the same time. I think how thankful I am to have worked at this for several years, and to have gotten to a somewhat more stabilized state, and how I don’t want to mess it all up now.

But mainly, I remind myself of all of my scoliotic “brothers and sisters” whose scoliosis is so severe that they don’t find that using alternative methods is helpful to them. Those who would love to be able to manage and even reverse their scoliosis condition just by devoting an hour or less every day to therapeutic exercises. Who are at the point where their very lives are in jeopardy because their case is so bad.

And I remind myself, “I don’t have to do this—I get to do this.”

Yes, my health is compromised in an inconvenient and sometimes very painful (and even frightening) way. But how fortunate to be able to do something about it! That there are options I can use! And how spoiled and out of touch would I have to be to not take advantage of those options?

If you’re like me and sometimes get overwhelmed by the thought that you have to manage your scoliosis every day (with whatever technique you’ve chosen) for the rest of your life, and sometimes even feel a little angry at the “unfairness” of it all, just remember that you should be grateful that this option is available to you, and that you still have a handle on your health.

No matter what your angles are, always remind yourself to do the best with what you have as an option. And if you are fortunate enough to have alternative methods as an option for managing your scoliosis (as I personally think many people do [although that is my non-professional opinion]), always remind yourself when it starts to get difficult:

I don’t have to do this—I get to do this.

Now please excuse me, as I have some Egoscue to do ;).

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