Why I’m Getting Certified as a PAS Through Egoscue University, and Why You Should Get Certified in Your Chosen Alternative Method, Too

This is it, I’m going all-in: I’m going to get certified as an Egoscue Postural Alignment Specialist (PAS).

Why am I doing this, and why Egoscue? First, I believe in the concepts of Egoscue, because I’ve seen them work for me and many other people—people who were told there was no other option but to have surgery, or to be on a medication for the rest of their life, or to simply accept that they can no longer do activities they love. The Egoscue Method works with the human body’s natural systems to help restore mobility and function, using easily applied exercises built on common-sense concepts.

In short, I like it. You can read my honest review of it here.

(Side note: I finally picked up Pete Egoscue’s book, “Pain Free,” [you can click that link and it’ll take you to Amazon, but sadly, I don’t get a kickback from you buying it since I’m not an affiliate, haha] and it’s amazing. I can’t believe I didn’t read it much sooner! Be looking for my review of the book soon! [P.S. Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra and Tim Ferriss all think Egoscue is legit, so maybe it’s time you checked it out, huh? 😉 ])

So then, why am I getting certified, and why am I being bossy and assuming that you should also get certified in—whatever it is that you do—too?

My reasons are simple and threefold:

1) Idiopathic scoliosis currently has no cure. That means that I’ll be managing this one way or another for the rest of my life. I might as well be certified in the very thing that I’ll be using for hopefully the next 50-60 years, right?

2) It’s more cost-effective. As much as I LOVE my therapists (holla at Egoscue Austin!), over the next few decades, I’ll be spending thousands of dollars in appointments when I could just make a one-time payment to learn everything myself, and hopefully I will just have to schedule periodic “check-ups” with my awesome therapists to ensure that I’m on the right track.

3) I want to help others just like me. That was my underlying reason to start this blog, right? To help others with scoliosis who are pursuing alternative methods—to encourage y’all and give you hope and potential resources? So getting certified as a Postural Alignment Specialist will help me take that one step further, and give me greater credibility and insight into this funky spinal problem we’ve all got going on.

What about you? If you have idiopathic scoliosis and are treating/managing it with an alternative method, I think you should consider doing the same thing as I am. You will save money, and it will help you better understand what and why you’re doing what you’re doing, which (theoretically) will improve your own practice and maximize your wellness outcomes.

My understanding and practice has already improved through just reading “Pain Free.” Just this one step, taken to grow my understanding of my preferred method a little more, has already greatly helped me better understand what I’m doing and why when I do my Egoscue. How much more will I learn once I become certified through Egoscue University?

What method are you pursuing? Tell me in the comments what you think could be the long-term benefits for you by pursuing certification or greater training in your method. I’m also curious to hear what methods others are using, and what their success has been with them…do share!

5 Comments on “Why I’m Getting Certified as a PAS Through Egoscue University, and Why You Should Get Certified in Your Chosen Alternative Method, Too

  1. Egoscue is a great thing. It helps so many people. Just beware that the organization is not so great. When getting educated by the Egoscue university, once they get your money, rarely will you get a return phone call, or support. When you are finished with your certification, they will not allow you to use the word Egoscue, unless you spend thousands of dollars to open a Franchise that requires you to pay thousands every month. It is about money for them, and it is so clear once you send the money in. So my recommendation is to learn the work, and don’t expect kindness, respect and customer service when you are a student. You’d think that the organization would support the new grads..when instead they do as little as possible and have watch dogs make sure you are not saying you practice EGOSCUE. It really is ridiculous.

    • Hi “Mary”!

      Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry you had such a frustrating experience, and I appreciate you trying to warn me! Thankfully, I knew going into it that there would be some limitations (at least at first) on my usage of the word “Egoscue” in my future practice’s name, and am comfortable with Egoscue’s purpose behind the limitation. While I can’t speak to how effective they are or will be later on when I try to start my practice, I can say that it has helped immensely having two great Egoscue therapists as my mentors, so maybe that could be a great resource for you, too? Reaching out to the Egoscue therapist community and seeing if anyone would be willing to act as an mentor for you, even on an intermittent basis?

      Hope that helps, and thanks again for commenting!

    • “Mary”…Thank you for your submission to Lindsey’s page. Yes, the Egoscue name is TM and must be actively pursued to protect the TM.
      What you are absolutely able to do is: state that your PAS Certification is thru the Egoscue University…kind of like if you earned a degree from UCLA. You can state that your Kinesiology degree is from UCLA…not that you “are” UCLA. The PAS is the “degree” from the EU.
      The reason for this is the absolute quality protection of the Egoscue name which is where the franchise comes in. The franchise ensures the highest level of Egoscue brand quality in these facilities because each owner follows strict standards, whereas, the PAS certified practitioner can pretty much do any type of therapy along with their cert. This changes the customer’s view of Egoscue and the brand…

      Egoscue likens this to the Pilates movement. Joseph Pilates would be more than upset if he saw what has happened to his brand over the last 20 years. Just put your name in front of Pilates and boom…you have a completely new brand…much different than Joseph’s vision of what he created.

      Hope this helps.

      “Mr. Dawes Sr.”

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